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Vinyl flooring up to 2 mm thick
low installation height

The numerous designs and special product properties make vinyl flooring a great universal floor covering for the whole house. A special surface treatment also ensures deceptively real wood and stone effects. Modern printing techniques make it possible to create structures that look and feel like wood but benefit from the properties of plastic.

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1-36 of 378

Advantages of vinyl flooring up to 2 mm thick

Vinyl floors as a whole are resilient and elastic, non-slip and easy to clean. Vinyl floors with a wood-effect design are particularly suitable where wood would normally be unwise. Waterproof versions can be used in damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, they are insensitive to scratches and even suitable for underfloor heating. Modern vinyl floors are pleasantly warm, quiet as well as antibacterial, allergy-friendly and easy to clean.

Vinyl flooring up to 2 mm thick, for every requirement

Vinyl with a low installation height is perfect when you want to fit it under doors without sanding or rehanging. Plus, the wide range of designs in particular makes vinyl flooring the ideal flooring for every interior style. Whether it’s wood effects like silver oak and grey pine or modern tile imitations, vinyl floors can do it!

Install vinyl flooring up to 2 mm thick

Vinyl flooring can be installed wherever there is a solid subfloor. However, 2 mm vinyl flooring is not recommended to be laid directly onto existing floor coverings or old tiles and parquet. Here, you should install Silent Stick separately, which is ideally suited for dry construction and floor renovations with dry screed. Alternatively, the vinyl planks can be classically glued. This requires a tiled subfloor. In general, no materials other than good tools such as a cutter knife and a spirit level or steel angle are needed to install a 2 mm vinyl floor.