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5 mm vinyl floors
private and commercial use

Vinyl floors are now available in an incredible variety of colours and designs. Whether wood- or stone-effect, all colours and patterns resemble natural materials more than ever before. Often, you can't even tell the difference at first glance. Vinyl flooring with a low installation height of 5 mm is suitable for both private and commercial use. Only the usage class makes it clear whether the floor is suitable for low (31), medium (32) or heavy (33) use.

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1-36 of 462

What are the advantages of vinyl flooring?

A vinyl floor is warm underfoot and feels pleasant to walk on. At the same time, vinyl is extremely hard-wearing and ideally suited for installation in kitchens, for example. Solid vinyl variants are also waterproof and so do not swell. A knocked-over cup or a spilled plate of food cannot harm a vinyl floor. It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned effortlessly. Neighbours also benefit from your new floor as vinyl is quiet. Installation is also very easy. If you opt for click vinyl, it can be installed in no time, with little effort.

Carefree living with 5 mm vinyl flooring

These floors are quick to install and have very good insulation. And don’t worry about liquids seeping through or neighbours being bothered by all the running back and forth. Once this vinyl floor is installed, which often doesn't even take long, it creates a pleasant and stress-free atmosphere.

The extensive selection of colours, patterns and designs – from effortlessly simple to super ornate – means that your vision can be realized!