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Light vinyl flooring
for a harmonious ambience

In the planeo range, you will find a special compilation of vinyl floors in light, decorative colours. They create a friendly, peaceful ambience in your rooms at home or in commercial properties. Find your favourite now in our extensive selection of light-coloured vinyl floors!

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1-36 of 396

Light-coloured vinyl flooring for every room

A light-coloured vinyl floor works in both private and commercial areas, particularly in rooms with small windows. It can transform previously oppressive spaces. It is also particularly suitable for the kitchen and bathroom, perhaps in slate or other grey tones. A light stone-effect vinyl or perhaps an oak reproduction can work in commercial properties. Due to their high durability, light-coloured vinyl floors can withstand even intensive loads with ease.

Light-coloured vinyl flooring is quickly installed

At planeo, you have the choice between adhesive and click vinyl. Both variants are easy to install. It is advisable to lay out impact sound insulation on the subfloor first. The light-coloured adhesive vinyl is then glued to this. The click vinyl is only clicked together and can be easily removed at a later date if necessary. When laying the vinyl, a gap of about five millimetres should always be left at each wall, to prevent warping when the product naturally expands

Uncomplicated cleaning

When it comes to a light-coloured vinyl flooring, some people fear that it will be extremely difficult to clean. But vinyl is not susceptible to dirt. Its surface does not attract dust and liquids cannot penetrate the high-quality material. Therefore, all dirt can be easily removed.

It is usually sufficient to vacuum the light-coloured vinyl floor with a hoover or clean it with a damp cloth. If the surface becomes slightly discoloured over the years due to heavy use, you can easily refresh it with a special cleaner for vinyl floors. Try it out – we will be happy to advise you!