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Light click vinyl
a natural look great for all sorts of applications

Click vinyl comes in many different tones and shade. The tough, hard-wearing light designs are available in different material thicknesses and usage layers, so that they can be used in private as well as commercial areas. Make your choice now – you will find what you are looking for in the planeo online shop!

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Click vinyl in a range of light-colour designs

Lighter vinyl can work in all sorts of spaces. It makes small rooms look much larger; it provides a nice contrast to dark-coloured furniture. We have a huge range of designs in lighter tones for you to get inspired by!

Click vinyl in light tones for both private and commercial use

Click vinyl does not always have to be plain or have abstract, faddy patterns. You can choose from a variety of wood- and stone-effect designs. Timeless concrete or tile looks? Perhaps warm light oak or pine? Thanks to modern manufacturing processes, their lifelike appearance makes it hard to tell it’s not real wood or stone.

In addition to the large selection of light colours and designs, light click vinyl is also available in different thicknesses, depending on whether it’s for a rarely-used guest room or a busy commercial premises.

So many advantages

In addition to the visual advantages already mentioned, light-coloured click vinyl also offers some practical benefits. The surface has no electrostatic properties. This means that it does not attract dust, which is great for cleaning and especially for those with allergies. Every step is lightly cushioned by the elastic surface that’s also warm underfoot. Installation is easy too. The panels are clicked together using an innovative technique and do not need to be further fixed to the subfloor. Therefore, even large areas can be provided with a new floor covering in no time. No special tools are needed either. A cutter knife, a folding ruler and a pen is enough. No need to pay for expensive tradespeople!

Light click vinyl with a dirt-repellent surface

The material is almost completely impervious to dirt. The texture of the surface prevents stubborn dirt build-up. Therefore, cleaning such a floor covering does not require much effort and is done very quickly.