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Vinyl floors for commercial use
floors for multiple use classes

High abrasion resistance, an easy-care surface and a great selection of designs make vinyl flooring the perfect choice for commercial properties. In our range, you will find resilient vinyl floor coverings that are designed for the requirements of commercial use. The usage class forms the basis for the classification in each area of use.

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1-36 of 1457

Vinyl flooring for commercial use is particularly robust and durable

Floor coverings that you want to use in your commercially used rooms should not only be characterised by an attractive appearance, but also by a particularly high level of functionality. Highly scratch-resistant and robust surfaces are just as much a standard feature here as a high degree of elasticity.

Vinyl flooring for commercial use - the essential:

  • robust and durable vinyl flooring
  • scratch-resistant and hard-wearing surface
  • elasticity prolongs life
  • can be installed by clicking or gluing
  • suitable for a variety of applications
  • waterproof version suitable for wet rooms
  • partially acid resistant and flame retardant

Vinyl flooring for commercial use withstands it all!

In commercial use, you need a floor covering that you can rely on at all times, whether it`s an office, waiting room, doctors' surgery or an industrial warehouse. If you choose a vinyl floor that has been specially designed for the requirements in the commercial sector, you know you`ll have an appropriately resistant floor covering. Thanks to its high elasticity, it will remain in perfect condition for a long time, even under heavy daily loads. The surfaces of vinyl floors are very scratch-resistant, so you will hardly have to deal with any damage to them.

Different classifications for every area of use

Not all businesses are the same. In an office, you need a completely different floor covering than in an industrial or production setting. For this reason, you can choose from a wide range of different classes when it comes to finding the right floor for your premises. Some variants have an acid-resistant surface and are also flame-retardant, while others are also suitable for installation in damp rooms thanks to their waterproof properties. This means you can always choose the commercial vinyl floor that really suits you and your needs.

Attractive designs are also in demand for commercial use

Of course, not only functionality but also the design of your floor is important in the commercial sector. Especially in rooms with lots of customer traffic, an appealing floor covering is necessary. Vinyl flooring for commercial use is therefore also available in numerous attractive stone- and wood-effect designs to visually enrich your premises. You can either glue the panels or install them with the practical click system. You can do this easily, even without prior knowledge. With vinyl flooring for commercial use, you acquire high-quality and durable floor coverings for every requirement.