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Parquet from HARO
Quality brand made in Germany

The Bavarian company HARO has been active in wood processing for more than 140 years. This long tradition is reflected in HARO's parquet flooring. It is available in numerous high-quality finishes and is 100% PEFC-certified. It is also easy to install and requires little maintenance.

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1-36 of 253

HARO Parquet: large variety of PFC-certified wood species

HARO Parquet is available in numerous wood species from sustainably managed forests, such as oak, beech and maple. HARO's PEFC-certified parquet is processed in Germany according to strict environmental standards and contributes to the conservation of natural resources. HARO's healthy and low-emission parquet floors are certified with the Blue Angel and A+ labels.

HARO parquet is available with oiled or lacquered surfaces. Furthermore, you can choose between sanded, brushed or hand-planed structures.

HARO's parquet floors show off the natural grain of the wood particularly beautifully. If you choose HARO parquet as a ship's floor plank, you get a 3-strip parquet with narrow planks. HARO plank parquet (1-strip) is warm and rustic and creates space.

Install HARO parquet yourself

You can easily install HARO prefinished parquet yourself with just one click – no prior knowledge or adhesives required. With HARO's practical click parquet, there are no expensive labour costs. No special tools are required.

First of all, impact sound insulation is laid on the subfloor, which should be as even as possible. This will reduce footfall and room noise to a minimum and significantly increase your living comfort.

Once the impact sound insulation has been laid, angle the planks lengthwise, press and lock them at the front. The parquet floor can then be walked on immediately – and can be removed without leaving any residue if necessary.

Important: HARO parquet floors are also approved for installation on underfloor heating systems.

HARO parquet floors are easy to clean

To enjoy HARO's prefinished parquet floors for years to come, you should follow a few recommendations regarding cleaning and care. Due to the professional finish of the surface, HARO parquet is hard-wearing and not very susceptible to soiling. Therefore, an ordinary hoover is sufficient for cleaning, preferably with a parquet brush attachment. For heavier soiling, you can wipe the HARO parquet with a damp cloth. For further treatment, add a special parquet care product to the mopping water.