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Stone wallpaper
in a stylish, modern look

Stone wallpaper exudes its own charm and is therefore identifiable. It creates a discreetly rustic look on a single wall or in the entire room and makes it homely. Stone wallpaper is just as suitable as a background for walls in business premises as it is for designing cosy fireplace corners. At planeo, you not only have a large selection, but you also get high quality.

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Which stone look would you like?

Our stone wallpapers come in a wide variety, so you can find the right look for every room.

  • Bricks: They are almost the classic among stone wallpapers. Deceptively real, they create the impression of tiled walls. They can be in classic brick colours or in various shades of grey - in any case, such stone wallpapers are a real eye-catcher.
  • Stone wall: Stone wallpapers in pebble look like the result of a long walk along the river, when you picked up hundreds of pebbles and turned them into a wall. You can also get this pattern at planeo in different colour gradations - from light and bright to rustic dark stones.
  • Stone patterns: We also have a great selection of stone wallpapers for children's rooms. They contain small coloured accents that appeal to the child's eye.

How do you apply stone wallpaper?

You don't necessarily have to paint over a stone wallpaper, but it is of course possible. Don't paint over it too thickly to achieve great effects, as the stone look remains in the background and works in harmony with the chosen colour.

Make sure you pay attention to the pattern when cutting and pasting. Because stone wallpaper in particular is hardly forgiving of mistakes when it comes to the pattern. After all, you want to create the look of an authentic stone wall. Pay attention to the repeat height, i.e. when the pattern is repeated. If you are not quite sure which panels belong next to each other, you should test them on the floor, preferably already folded in a little.

Your advantages when applying high-quality stone wallpaper from planeo:

  • wash-resistant
  • no build-up
  • can be removed wet
  • easy to apply
  • large variety of decors
  • high quality

If you have any questions about our stone wallpapers, we look forward to hearing from you. We will be happy to assist you with our extensive knowledge of our products and their processing.