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White doors
modern and timeless at the same time

Thanks to their simple, timeless look, the doors with white lacquer from planeo blend harmoniously into any living environment. They consist with multiple coatings on both sides of the door leaf and a high-quality centre layer made of tubular anchors. In addition, the white doors from planeo boast high surface stability and a sound-absorbing effect. Order online now at a balanced price-performance ratio!

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1-36 of 129

White doors with style: you'll find them at planeo.

Our four walls are the place where we spend a lot of time day after day. That is why it is so important to choose the right doors when building or renovating your own home. Doors in white are particularly popular, as they are both friendly and inviting, as well as timelessly elegant. If you would like to buy high-quality white doors and want a modern door leaf in white, planeo is the right contact for you. With us, you can choose from a constantly growing range of high-quality products and thus create a living environment that suits you perfectly.

Buy doors in white at planeo and benefit from first-class quality

White doors with frames have enjoyed steady popularity for years. If you decide on a door with frame in white, you are choosing a classic, timelessly elegant and universally suitable door for every living area - whether for the bedroom, kitchen or children's room. Our extensive range includes both plain and decorative models - make your choice now!

White door with frame: always a trendy choice

There are always trends - but white is a colour that is incredibly compatible with a wide variety of colours and furniture. It doesn't matter whether your house or flat is furnished in a modern, classic, elegant or retro look - if the doors are white, the ambience always looks friendly, bright and modern. A flat that was previously furnished with old brown wooden doors immediately appears much more modern with white doors. In addition, white doors make a room appear visually larger. Of course, it is important to distinguish between different designs when buying. Therefore, it is worthwhile to first compare different models of white doors at planeo in order to make the ideal choice.

Universally suitable: high-quality white doors from planeo

If a door leaf is white, it remains discreetly in the background with walls that are also white and does not influence the rest of the ambience of a room. This can be particularly advantageous if you consciously place value on a reduced, minimalist design. White doors are always a wonderful solution for both old buildings and modern new buildings. Thus, at planeo we offer you impact-resistant, robust doors with a white lacquer finish that are particularly resistant to abrasion, for every taste and at a balanced price-performance ratio. The central layer of stable tubular core has a sound-absorbing effect due to its high density and at the same time ensures that the door can be opened easily. In this way, white doors from planeo ensure a sense of well-being and stability within your four walls and can be ordered quickly, easily & securely in our online shop. Do you have any further questions? Please contact us - we will be happy to advise you!