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Wallpapers in grey
adapt perfectly to any interior style

A wallpaper in a timeless grey colour is a classic choice if you decide to embellish your home with wallpaper. This is because grey wallpaper blends harmoniously into almost any ambience and is available in a wide range of colour tones.

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1-36 of 933

Wallpapers in grey: always a good choice

Grey wallpapers fit into almost any ambience and represent attractive, timeless elements of wall design. There are many variations of grey tones, for example as wallpaper in light grey, wallpaper in grey-pink or wallpaper in dark grey, so that you can create your individual design on the walls. Whether light grey wallpaper or wallpaper in dark grey, with high-quality grey wallpapers from our range, you can design your walls in a timelessly chic way and ensure an elegant living environment overall.

Grey wallpapers: All-rounder for a noble living environment

A basic distinction is made between non-woven and paper wallpapers, which can be designed differently. Whether made of non-woven or paper, a wallpaper in grey is a true all-rounder that appears restrained yet elegant. The versatile designs of noble grey wallpapers prove to be very multifaceted, so that there are suitable wallpapers in grey for different living styles. Among other things, a light grey wallpaper has a calming effect and can look good in the bedroom or also in the living room. In general, a light grey wallpaper can be used universally and offers almost endless design possibilities. If you value timeless design, high quality, comfortable finish and affordable costs, wallpapers in a noble grey colour from our planeo range are an excellent choice.

Grey wallpapers: How do I apply them?

Applying modern wallpaper is no big deal and is quick and uncomplicated. As a rule, it is quite sufficient if you just apply the paste to the wallpaper and then stick it, without the need for any wall treatment in advance. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive wallpapering table for this purpose. It is important to follow the manufacturer's product-specific instructions exactly.

Wallpapers in grey from planeo: advantages at a glance

  • For a stylish, elegant wall design
  • Versatile in use
  • Available in various colours and patterns
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Easy to apply without prior knowledge