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Non-woven wallpaper
extremely robust and easy to process

Nonwoven wallpaper is a classic among the easy-to-use wallpapers. At planeo you have a wide range on offer. By using special non-woven paste, you have the unbeatable advantage that you can work with absolutely no built-up and can also correct it easily. Furthermore, non-woven wallpapers are very robust and can easily withstand high demands.

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Non-woven wallpapers offer various design options

Non-woven wallpapers are very versatile. You can design virtually any room with it, either by painting over it or pure.

  • Meistervlies paintable: You can get this non-woven wallpaper in white and then decide on your own design with colours or textures.
  • Dot pattern: A non-woven wallpaper with a light dot structure gives your room a pleasantly harmonious flair without the pattern appearing too obtrusive. On the contrary - depending on the incidence of light, pretty effects can be created.
  • Little Stars: The non-woven wallpapers in this series are particularly suitable for designing children's rooms. The colours are kept very soft and therefore have a calming effect.
  • Classic non-woven wallpaper: You can also get a large selection of non-woven wallpapers in the classic range for the whole home at planeo and can use them to set colourful accents.
  • Structure: Non-woven wallpapers with a structured look are the classic for living rooms. Their advantage over the alternative, woodchip, is obvious - non-woven wallpapers are much easier to apply and still bring the proven look of classic wallpapers into your rooms.
  • Sample wallpapers: At planeo you can also get non-woven wallpapers with patterns that your children will love. Whether a playful princess with a castle, an adventurous fire brigade, dots, baby footprints or stripes - there is something for every taste.

How do you wallpaper non-woven wallpapers?

The biggest advantage of these wallpapers comes from the fact that they are easy to work with, which in turn comes from the fact that they don't need to soak. You can paste it and apply it directly to the wall. However, it is important that you choose a paste for non-woven wallpaper. The mix of textile fibres and cellulose makes the material very hard-wearing. It is not only washable, but also breathable. You can even use non-woven wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen to decorate your walls.

Non-woven wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular. Their greatest advantages:

  • washable
  • hard-wearing
  • paintable
  • do not necessarily have to be painted over
  • available in a large selection
  • even small irregularities on the substrate are no problem
  • do not need to soak - direct application possible
  • can be applied without any build-up

Do you have any questions about our non-woven wallpapers? Then please do not hesitate to contact us. We at planeo are happy to assist you with our extensive knowledge and look forward to your inquiry.