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KWG vinyl sheets
extremely hard-wearing

The adhesive vinyl from KWG is characterised not only by its innovative design, but also by its trusted quality. KWG vinyl sheets are easy to install and last for many years with minimal maintenance. Choose your favourite now from our selection of high-quality vinyl flooring for gluing.

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KWG vinyl sheets - advantages during installation

The vinyl sheets from KWG have a low installation height of about two millimetres. This is particularly convenient for renovations. Due to its low height, it is not necessary to sand or shorten door leaves in most cases. KWG vinyl for gluing can basically be laid on all solid subfloors that have an even surface - any unevenness in the subfloor will later have a negative effect on the overall appearance of the floor.

After the subfloor has been carefully cleaned, the vinyl sheets from KWG should first be left in the room for about two days. This allows the material to acclimatise to the room environment. During acclimatisation, it is important that the sheets lie straight. After which, the installation can begin. If possible, only two or three rows should be laid at a time. It is advisable to draw a line to guide you. The vinyl adhesive is applied as an even layer. Use a wide notched trowel for floor adhesives to work effectively and achieve optimal results. Some vinyl adhesives need to dry for several minutes before the boards are fixed to them. Therefore, always read the instructions for use before laying.

KWG designer vinyl for gluing comes in a wide range of styles

Decorators need to know they can get a covering that matches the rest of the room perfectly. You can choose from a huge range of different designs of KWG vinyl flooring sheets. In addition to numerous wood effects, there are also many stone and concrete looks to choose from.You can find an attractive vinyl floor from KWG for every room, either to complement or contrast with the existing furnishings.

KWG adhesive vinyl: long-lasting durability despite low maintenance

A key feature of KWG vinyl sheets is their high durability. The surface is dirt-repellent and has a high abrasion resistance. As the KWG vinyl floor is firmly bonded, cleaning is a breeze using a mop or damp cloth. Note that aggressive cleaning agents should not be used. Special vinyl floor cleaners are much more suitable because they also impregnate the surface at the same time when used correctly.