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Parquet flooring

  • Cleaning Heavily Soiled Parquet

    It can happen in any household or office: after a period of time, say 6 or 7 years of use, the parquet floor becomes heavily soiled. Standard care, such as damp mopping, doesn't really help in these cases. We will show you what could be causing this and how to remedy it using a cleaning application with Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleaner.

  • Vinyl flooring patterns, parquet flooring patterns, laminate flooring patterns and more - Discover now and order for free

    At planeo, you can’t just choose between vinyl flooring patterns, parquet patterns, or laminate patterns, our extensive sample collection consists of more than just these three types of flooring. You can also order samples of various other floor coverings as well as decking boards, wall panelling, etc. Simply follow the respective link to order a corresponding sample. The samples are sent free of charge - That’s our service!
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