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Cleaning Heavily Soiled Parquet

It can happen in any household or office: after a period of time, say 6 or 7 years of use, the parquet floor becomes heavily soiled. Standard care, such as damp mopping, doesn't really help in these cases. We will show you what could be causing this and how to remedy it using a cleaning application with Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleaner.

The Dirt Is Deep in the Pores

Take, for example, a brushed oak parquet, naturally oiled and laid as plank flooring. Customers often wonder how to properly maintain such a floor while preserving the uniqueness of the material. The question arises as to how to effectively remove the dirt from such a surface. The surface of a wooden floor has structures and pores and is not as smooth as, for example, a glazed tile.

This is exactly what contributes to the natural charm of a parquet floor. However, with heavy use over time, this can lead to the effect that the accumulating dirt penetrates deep into the pores and structures of the wood surface. Unfortunately, it can no longer be removed by simply wiping with a conventional cleaner. However, there is no reason to give up on the high-quality floor. There are special cleaners that can effectively solve this problem.

At planeo, we recommend the Saicos cleaners from the Ecoline series, especially the Magic Cleaner, for an intensive cleaning of your parquet flooring. With this cleaner, you can carry out a sustainable and effective floor cleaning without the need for machinery, using simple tools.

Magic Cleaner, Water, and the Right Accessories—That's All You Need

The goal is to extract the dirt from deep within the pores of the parquet. Soon, your floor will look perfect again. Here’s what you will need for the cleaning process:

  • 1 telescopic pole with pad holder
  • 1 white pad
  • Saicos Ecoline Magic Cleaner, concentrate
  • 1 bucket with fresh water
  • 1 cotton cloth—please do not use microfiber
  • 1 cotton mop cloth

Add Ecoline Magic Cleaner in a 1:10 ratio to the water. Then take a cotton cloth, dip it into the liquid, and squeeze it out gently. You don’t need to worry—the cleaner is absolutely harmless and skin-friendly. You do not need protective gloves. The liquid is non-corrosive and odorless. Please apply the mixture of water and Magic Cleaner generously to the area you wish to clean.

Please note that microfiber cloths are not suitable for this application—use only cloths and mops made of cotton. When applying the solution of special cleaner and water, a decent layer of liquid should form on the parquet. This should be allowed to act on the floor for 5 to 20 minutes. If the layer dries out in places quickly, don’t hesitate to add a bit more liquid to the affected area.

Let the Cleaner Work and Then Simply Remove the Dirt from the Parquet

Once the set time of several minutes has elapsed, attach a white pad to the holder of the telescopic pole and start scrubbing the treated area—firmly and in the direction the floor was laid. You will see how the mixture foams up during this process. This step pulls the dirt out of the pores of the parquet flooring. Turn the pad over once and you will clearly see the dirt now on the pad and on the surface, but no longer in the structure of the floor.

Afterwards, it's just a matter of thoroughly removing the dirt. The loosened dirt particles are now wiped off the surface with a damp, clean cotton cloth. Then let the area dry, just as you would after the usual damp mopping, before the floor is walked on again. At the end, you will clearly see the difference compared to the picture before cleaning. The dirt has been removed and lifted off. The floor area is cleaned and shines in its usual beauty.

Normal Floor Cleaning Doesn’t Cut It

The Magic Cleaner from Ecoline is specifically developed for cleaning parquet. It is available both as a concentrate to be mixed with water and as a ready-to-use spray in a 1-liter bottle with a spray head. The usual mopping with a normal household cleaner does not achieve what a special cleaner of this quality can accomplish. Conventional cleaning actions tend to work the dirt deeper into the parquet rather than removing it. The contamination of parquet floors lies deep within the pores and therefore requires special treatment. However, the result after the work is done will be a complete success. To prevent future soiling, the use of special care wax is recommended. The manufacturer Saicos also offers such a special product. You can also get Saicos care wax in a handy spray bottle.

You can find all products from the Saico series in our online shop. Should you have any questions, we are of course ready to help.

With the right care, a parquet floor can be well-maintained for a very long time. The effort is worth it.

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