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Garden fences

  • WPC Fence Installation Made Easy

    Designing one's own garden is a fulfilling project for many DIY enthusiasts. An essential part of this often involves erecting a garden fence. It not only creates privacy and a physical barrier but also significantly contributes to the appearance of the outdoor area. Therefore, the choice of fence increasingly falls on WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite). This innovative material blend combines the aesthetics of wood with the durability and low maintenance of plastic. Moreover, the clever interlocking systems make WPC fence installation simple, enabling even those without much experience to undertake the construction themselves. In the following guide, we will explain in detail how to plan your WPC fence, what materials and tools you will need, and how to proceed with the installation.

  • Building a Fence Yourself: How to Do It Cheaply and Quickly

    A beautifully landscaped garden is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially during the warmer months, offering a wonderful place to relax. However, without the right enclosure, the longing for peace and privacy can quickly dissipate. A fence or privacy screen is the answer to curious glances from neighbours and passersby, giving you the freedom to enjoy your garden to the fullest. But is it necessary to spend a fortune on it? No! With a bit of DIY skill, the right materials, and an easy-to-understand guide, you can build a fence cheaply yourself. This guide will give you tips on how to realise your project on a budget.

  • Double rod mat fence installation: DIY guide & important tips

    Many property owners opt for the installation of a double rod mat fence because this type of fence offers numerous advantages. It is sturdy, low-maintenance, durable, and offers good value for money. Additionally, the double rod mat fence can be adapted to individual property conditions. This article provides information on material and installation costs. It illustrates, in a step-by-step guide, how you as an ambitious DIY enthusiast with some handyman skills can erect the fence yourself. We also address special installation conditions such as sloped terrains and fixings on walls. We supply you with all the information for a sound purchasing decision.
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