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  • Cleaning Bankirai Decking: 3 Simple Methods

    Bankirai wood is a popular choice for wooden decking due to its durability and resistance. However, like all wooden decks, the appearance of a Bankirai deck changes over time due to dirt and discolouration. To keep the wood in the best condition, regular cleaning is essential. However, you should ensure not to use overly harsh chemicals or pressure washers, as these can damage the wood. In this article, you will learn how to clean your Bankirai deck gently yet effectively to ensure its longevity.

  • WPC decking boards test – 7 reasons for TITANWOOD WPC boards

    article we show you the differences in quality of WPC decking boards. This can help you decide on a WPC decking board. After all, WPC boards differ enormously and this cannot be seen at first glance.

  • WPC terrace: ideas for a successful design

    A WPC terrace is a good alternative to wood when building a terrace. The composite material WPC has convincing advantages, but also some disadvantages. Above all, there are many ideas for a WPC terrace to make it solid, beautiful and cosy at the same time. This guide presents some of them to you.

  • Terrace ideas: Inspiration and images for your outdoor dream

    Terrace ideas for creating and designing the terrace is a popular topic. The terrace is often referred to as the open-air living room. And for a good reason: it's a great place to relax after work, to meet friends and acquaintances for a barbecue, to unwind and enjoy the beautiful summer days under the open sky. So it's not surprising that there are many terrace ideas for designing your open-air living room. There are many ways to transform your terrace into an oasis of well-being. You can find out here what you should basically consider when designing a terrace and how you can express your personal living style in the outdoor area as well.

  • Building a wooden terrace: Everything about costs, construction and assembly

    real eye-catcher and creates a cosy area for your garden. With little to no skill, you can even build your own wooden terrace. There are a few key points to consider to ensure that the terrace is robust and durable. We will show you how the topic of "building a wooden terrace" looks in terms of costs and how you can create your own safe haven. ...
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