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  • Rigid Vinyl (SPC Vinyl) - What makes it so special?

    You've probably heard of rigid vinyl or SPC vinyl - the latest advancement in vinyl flooring. But what is behind this designation and what exactly makes this type of vinyl flooring so special? Is Rigid Vinyl just as easy to install as conventional solid vinyl with a click system? Get answers to these and many more questions in our article. Get to know the special product SPC Vinyl and convince yourself of its advantages.

  • WPC decking boards test – 7 reasons for TITANWOOD WPC boards

    article we show you the differences in quality of WPC decking boards. This can help you decide on a WPC decking board. After all, WPC boards differ enormously and this cannot be seen at first glance.

  • WPC terrace: ideas for a successful design

    A WPC terrace is a good alternative to wood when building a terrace. The composite material WPC has convincing advantages, but also some disadvantages. Above all, there are many ideas for a WPC terrace to make it solid, beautiful and cosy at the same time. This guide presents some of them to you.

  • Terrace ideas: Inspiration and images for your outdoor dream

    Terrace ideas for creating and designing the terrace is a popular topic. The terrace is often referred to as the open-air living room. And for a good reason: it's a great place to relax after work, to meet friends and acquaintances for a barbecue, to unwind and enjoy the beautiful summer days under the open sky. So it's not surprising that there are many terrace ideas for designing your open-air living room. There are many ways to transform your terrace into an oasis of well-being. You can find out here what you should basically consider when designing a terrace and how you can express your personal living style in the outdoor area as well.

  • Building a wooden terrace: Everything about costs, construction and assembly

    real eye-catcher and creates a cosy area for your garden. With little to no skill, you can even build your own wooden terrace. There are a few key points to consider to ensure that the terrace is robust and durable. We will show you how the topic of "building a wooden terrace" looks in terms of costs and how you can create your own safe haven. ...

  • Vinyl flooring on tiles - what you need to know!

    Is it easy to install vinyl flooring on tiles? We are confronted with these and similar questions every day. Since they cannot be answered in a straightforward manner, in this article we will go in depth into all the important questions that have come up for us on the subject of laying vinyl flooring on tiles.

  • Vinyl flooring: Does a high wear layer protect from scratches?

    We would like to shed some light on the subject of wear layers in vinyl flooring. There are many specifications circulating on the market, such as layers with a thickness of 0.3 or 0.5 millimetres. What does this value actually mean in practice? And what exactly is the wear layer of the vinyl? What is the difference when using layers of different thicknesses? Regardless of the overall thickness of a vinyl floor covering, which is around 5 mm, the wear layer specification refers specifically to the thickness of the decor. A thicker wear layer the thickness of the decor layer, stands for a longer protection of the surface. We will now explain the significance in terms of resistance to scratches.

  • Vinyl flooring patterns, parquet flooring patterns, laminate flooring patterns and more - Discover now and order for free

    At planeo, you can’t just choose between vinyl flooring patterns, parquet patterns, or laminate patterns, our extensive sample collection consists of more than just these three types of flooring. You can also order samples of various other floor coverings as well as decking boards, wall panelling, etc. Simply follow the respective link to order a corresponding sample. The samples are sent free of charge - That’s our service!

  • Adhesive vinyl flooring - 4 ways to install adhesive vinyl

    Gluing vinyl flooring is the standard installation method for design flooring. First of all, this means laying adhesive vinyl over the entire surface of the wet bed. This is how professional installers have been doing it for decades. But the classic method of gluing vinyl flooring is also suitable for the dedicated hobby floor layer. If you are not confident with this installation method, there are other options for gluing vinyl flooring. You can also dry glue vinyl planks in different variants. This makes the installation process much easier. Because all the components for gluing vinyl flooring are already defined here. Therefore, we’ll show you the best alternatives to the usual vinyl floor gluing.

  • Impact sound insulation vinyl - Which vinyl floor underlayment to take?

    A lot of people treat the topic of impact sound insulation vinyl too carelessly! Following the slogan: Afterwards you see nothing of the vinyl insulation anyway. The right vinyl floor underlayment plays an essential role. Again and again, vinyl floor buyers ask themselves whether a vinyl floor underlayment is necessary at all. And if so, which impact sound insulation should be taken for the selected vinyl floor. That's because the differences in vinyl impact sound insulation are not obvious. Finding the right vinyl flooring underlayment is not difficult. Therefore, here you will get the most important info about vinyl impact sound insulation.
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