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Floral wallpapers
elegant wallpapers with floral pattern

Bring nature into your home with a floral wallpaper from planeo. We offer you a wide selection. Depending on the pattern, you can set great accents with a floral wallpaper or immerse the entire room in a natural look.

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1-36 of 884

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How can you design your room with a floral wallpaper?

Be inspired by our large selection and design the walls of your rooms individually, according to your taste:

  • Wallpaper with flowers: Small, delicate patterns in particular are definitely suitable for designing an entire room. Whether it is a living room, a reading room, a children's room or a bedroom - little flowers have a slightly playful and very discreet effect.
  • Peony wallpaper: In Chinese culture, peonies are the symbol of wealth and luck. In this country, they also mean honour and feminine beauty. So give your room a special touch with a peony wallpaper.
  • Rose wallpaper: A sign of beauty and love - the rose. Set real highlights in your rooms with such a wallpaper.
  • Dandelion wallpaper: It radiates lightness and symbolizes letting go, on the one hand, and new beginnings, on the other hand. Accentuate your walls with such a symbolic and at the same time lightness radiating motif wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper with flowers and birds: Such a wallpaper radiates pure nature and is perfectly suited as a visual highlight in your rooms - gladly as a background for another design element such as a seating area or a shelf. A wall designed in this way does not need any other elements such as pictures or posters.

How do you wallpaper a floral wallpaper?

You need a little patience to wallpaper a floral wallpaper, because you do not want to stagger the pattern. Therefore, when cutting the wallpaper, make sure that the patterns interlock. Be sure to lay the pasted strips so that the right end is on top. When buying, pay attention to the so-called repeat height, which is the height of the pattern section that is repeated. The batch should also be identical so that the colour is the same for all wallpaper sections. If you use floral wallpaper as an accent, make sure that the rest of the wall colour is repeated in the wallpaper. Otherwise, the walls will give an unsettled impression.

Your advantages when using floral wallpaper:

  • impressive appearance
  • no further design necessary
  • hard-wearing & wash-resistant
  • can be applied without leaving any marks
  • can be removed wet

Do you have any questions about our floral wallpapers, the selection and their processing? Please feel free to contact us. We have a lot of experience in the field of renovation and wallpapering and will be happy to provide you with good and competent advice. We look forward to hearing from you and your inquiry!