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TitanWood WPC planks
demonstrably more resistant

The TitanWood WPC decking boards are currently among the best on the market. Refinements have solved problems of cracking and bending that normal WPC products face. planeo TitanWood WPC decking boards far exceed the European standard EN 15534. Find out more now!

15 Item(s)

15 Item(s)

planeo TitanWood WPC planks beat conventional WPC material hands down. The planks are significantly more durable, very robust, water-resistant and they bend less. The planeo TitanWood WPC decking boards achieve top values in numerous categories, far above the European standard EN 15534. This standard determines the properties of profiles and mouldings for floor coverings, usually wood-polymer materials (WPC) or natural fibre composites (NFC), for outdoor applications. Thanks to the material mix, well-known problems of conventional WPC products, such as cracking and bending, are not an issue with TitanWood WPC planks.

TitanWood WPC decking’s high strength ensures durability

The physical strength of TitanWood WPC exceeds the European standard 2.5 times. Important factors such as high water resistance and an amazing robustness contribute significantly to the longevity of WPC TitanWood. The colour variations between the WPC planks are due to production and materials and are not a quality defect. As soon as the material has been exposed to the weather for some time, the colours even out.

These are the advantages of planeo TitanWood WPC planks at a glance :

  • high impact resistance
  • splinter-free
  • anti-slip
  • environmentally friendly
  • low maintenance
  • weather resistant
  • ultra-high density material composition
  • very low water absorption rate
  • moisture resistant

WPC TitanWood – superior to 1st generation WPC

Because conventional WPC decking has a lower quality protective sheathing, it absorbs moisture through the wood fibres and, over time, the material splinters and crumbles and, in combination with UV radiation, the boards can rot.

The situation is different with TitanWood WPC planks. The high material compaction prevents cracking and counteracts signs of wear. The high-density WPC planks for robust and long-lasting terraces also boast quick and easy installation, are barefoot-friendly and resistant to weather, fungal and insects. In our range you will find TitanWood WPC planks in the solid or hollow plank formats, in various colours. TitanWood is also available from planeo as part of a practical complete set including substructure and matching screws and clips. Order conveniently online now and experience the outstanding quality of TitanWood WPC planks. We will be happy to advise you!