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strong WPC decking boards for your dream terrace

Compared to first generation WPC, TitanWood brand planks are clearly superior. The WPC decking boards test according to EN standard 15534 shows: TitanWood is more resilient, easier to maintain, more durable, more impact resistant and more moisture resistant than conventional WPC boards. With a 2.5 higher load-bearing capacity, the high-density TitanWood WPC exceeds the load values specified by the Euro standard for composite materials such as WPC decking boards. With TitanWood, you get a particularly high-quality product in guaranteed long-lasting quality - far beyond the European standard.

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TitanWood - extremely robust WPC decking for long-lasting patios

Made from a particularly robust and durable wood-plastic mixture, TitanWood decking boards show considerable quality improvements over the usual WPC decking boards in the market. Our terraces feature high impact resistance that has been demonstrated in independent tests, which guarantees a long service life. Due to the highly compressed material composition, TitanWood solves typical problems of WPC decking boards such as bending and cracking. Because TitanWood decking boards do not break as quickly and bend less. In the WPC terrace decking test, TitanWood WPC achieved the impressive value of less than 5% in the reduction of bending strength due to water absorption after 28 days.

TitanWood's low values for water absorption favour its high resistance to weathering, fungal and insect attack , thus ensuring the low-maintenance properties of the planks. In addition, the barefoot-friendly TitanWood WPC planks can be installed quickly and easily. Compared to other WPC planks, TitanWood is better able to withstand temperature fluctuations due to its dimensionally stable material composition.

TitanWood WPC: top values exceed the EN standard

In the WPC decking boards test for impact resistance according to EN standard 15534, TitanWood achieves top values. For example, TitanWood WPC has a load value of over 45 MPa (megapascals) and far exceeds the Euro standard of 17 MPa. Thus, the TitanWood WPC plank is proven to be more resilient than normal WPC planks for terraces. TitanWood WPC planks achieve a much longer service life because the material's strength decreases to an extremely small degree.

The longevity of WPC decking boards also depends to a large extent on their water absorption rate. This is because low water absorption protects the material from porosity and frost damage. This TitanWood WPC also exceeds the specifications of maximum water absorption rates with a 1% absorption rate as compared to 8 percent laid down by the EN standard. Thus, the extremely moisture-resistant TitanWood WPC planks also show maximum values in the water absorption category in the test.

TitanWood WPC boards for a low-maintenance terrace with style

But what about the cleaning and maintenance of TitanWood WPC decking boards? The extremely low water absorption value ensures that TitanWood WPC decking dries more quickly, which in turn considerably reduces the amount of maintenance required. A small amount of water can easily remove superficial soiling and moss, green cover, and stubborn dirt tends to settle much less.

When you purchase TitanWood decking boards, you are choosing particularly high-quality products whose robust, easy-care and long-lasting properties have been proven by EN standard tests for composite materials such as WPC boards. Rely on the guaranteed quality of TitanWood WPC and order quickly & securely online - we will be happy to advise you!