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Meister laminate
low maintenance and versatile

Meister laminate boasts durability, high load-bearing capacity and robustness. An all-round uncomplicated floor covering in various attractive designs.

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1-36 of 41

Laminate flooring from Meister boasts high functionality. The solid quality of the hard floor helps to make it particularly durable and robust. The scratch-resistant surface in particular also ensures this. Furthermore, laminate floors from Meister are a decorative enrichment for your living and working spaces. Available in various wood and stone effects, they create a modern yet natural look.

Meister laminate is versatile flooring for your everyday life

These versatile hard floors can cope with all the stresses and strains of everyday life. They cut a fine figure in the living room, bedroom and children's rooms as well as in commercial areas. You can save yourself time-consuming maintenance work as Meister laminate floors are very easy to maintain. Available in various stone and wood effects as well as in different colours and structures, the floors make a statement.

Meister laminate flooring at a glance

  • hard floor covering
  • 100% natural raw materials (wood)
  • formats: tiles, short planks or country house planks
  • various colours and structures
  • available in wood or stone effect
  • fold-down system
  • floating installation
  • melamine resin top layer
  • scratch resistant and durable
  • easy to maintain

Meister flooring – easy installation of different formats

Even if you have no previous experience in laying laminate flooring, you can quickly achieve good results with Meister laminate. The floating installation and the fold-down system make laying possible even for laypeople. Meister flooring is available as a tile, curved plank or country house plank. Each panel consists of 100% natural raw materials arranged in several layers. On the underside there is a backing layer. In the middle, a panel of compressed wood fibres forms the heart of the laminate, which is rounded off at the top by a running layer of hardened melamine resin. This creates the high-quality Meister laminate flooring that you can always rely on.