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Modern doors
important design elements with robust properties

Modern doors represent much more than just a passageway. They create a clear division between different living areas, conceal some chaos and provide the necessary privacy. In addition, doors are an important design element. In our online shop, we offer you a high-quality selection of doors with a modern look, which not only convince with a clear design, but are also stable, robust, durable and sound-insulating.

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Modern doors with style from planeo

The fact that modern doors today no longer serve merely as a passageway into another room quickly becomes apparent in the view of the increasing selection of different models. It makes sense - only the right door can create the right atmosphere in a room or flat.

Since interior doors in houses, offices and flats have to fulfil many functions, we offer you a high-quality selection of doors in modern design in our online shop. They not only convince with a simple but effective look, but are also durable, resistant and practical. Modern doors from planeo have robust, impact-resistant edges and are also extremely stable thanks to the moulded top layer. The middle layer is made of high-quality tubular chipboard and the multi-layer lacquering makes it resistant to abrasion. The high surface stability & sound insulation are just as convincing as the optimal price-performance ratio.

Doors with a modern look: you will find the right model at planeo

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the right door for a modern look. The focus for most people is on the appearance as well as the quality - both are important for a long use of the door. When planning your new interior door, we recommend that you also always consider the topic of door frames. Our doors, frames and handles are made of high-quality and stable materials. Each individual door is dependent on a matching door frame so that it can be firmly installed.

Buy modern doors in planeo online shop

At planeo you will find modern doors that are not only eye-catching but also score points for their high functionality. We guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards for all our products and therefore offer you a first-class range of modern doors for every style of living.

For example, in our certified shop you will find modern doors made of solid chipboard or tubular chipboard, which offer enormous stability and durability. Finished in a classic white lacquer, the doors can be excellently integrated into any area - whether in your own house, in office buildings or even in flats. Furthermore, you will find matching accessories for your interior door, such as handles made of stainless steel, with which you can give your doors a fresh, modern look. Order your new door with a modern look conveniently online at planeo now - we will deliver it directly to your home! If you have any questions about our products or delivery, our competent service team will of course be happy to help!