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WPC decking boards
for a long-lasting and decorative outdoor space

Modern WPC decking boards are the durable alternative to wooden decking boards. They withstand changing weather conditions outdoors and require little maintenance, so you can spend more time enjoying your space. The splinter-free surface of the WPC decking makes for a particularly pleasant walking experience. You can easily install WPC decking boards on your terrace with hidden clips. Buy WPC decking boards at low prices at planeo. Order free WPC decking board samples!

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WPC decking is made from plastic and wood

Modern WPC boards have firmly established themselves on the flooring market as a popular alternative to wooden boards. WPC stands for wood polymer composite and combines the high-quality properties of wood and plastics. Wood fibre is the main component in WPC, so the decking boards have a natural look that comes very close to wood as a building material. The plastic content in the WPC planks ensures robust and low-maintenance properties that come in very handy when setting up, using and maintaining the WPC panels.

In the case of wooden and plastic floorboards, a distinction is made between solid and hollowcoreplanks. WPC hollowcore is lighter, and costs less to manufacture, and is therefore cheaper than solid WPC. Solid boards do however offer advantages in water absorption, durability and dimensional stability.

Laying WPC decking boards: what should you bear in mind?

WPC hollowcore planks should always be installed with a 1.5-2% slope, which ensures drainage. If it is known in advance that the WPC boards will be exposed to increased moisture, it is recommended to use solid WPC boards for the terrace.

When preparing the WPC substructure, it is essential to follow the instructions in the enclosed manual. The spacing of the support points of the boards is particularly important. The material properties of WPC decking are significantly influenced by the proportion of wood and the type of plastic used. For this reason, only the manufacturer usually knows the ideal dimensions for the spacing of the support points of the decking boards of the WPC substructure.

There are also some design choices to make: grooved surfaces are mainly used for aesthetic reasons; smooth surfaces favour drainage. We offer a variety of designs and are happy to advise you!

Buy WPC decking boards at great prices from planeo

Thanks to many years of optimisation processes, the WPC planks from planeo are not only particularly water-repellent and barefoot-friendly but also very robust and durable. It does not matter whether you prefer solid or hollowcore planks: both versions are available from planeo in various high-quality designs. The ultra-high density TitanWood WPC planks from planeo meet the highest standards and are more robust and durable than conventional WPC decking planks. Extremely moisture-resistant and impact-resistant, TitanWood decking boards offer extra water and weather resistance. In addition, these strong WPC planks are splinter-free, slip-resistant, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance. TitanWood WPC is 2.5 times more resilient than the values specified by the European standard for composite materials such as WPC planks.

At planeo you will find high-quality WPC decking boards at affordable prices. Order up to seven samples of WPC decking boards free of charge to your home now.

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