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WPC planks in grey
the robust, timeless choice for your terrace

When you choose WPC planks in grey for your terrace, you are not only making a good visual choice. The material of the planks makes them robust, weather-resistant and easy to maintain. WPC is also resistant to fungi, moss and other pests. The recyclable WPC decking boards are also good for the environment. Order quickly, safely and easily online now!

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WPC decking boards in various shades of grey at planeo

WPC decking boards in grey are available in the planeo range in several shades such as anthracite grey or grey-brown. You will find the right design for your individual taste.

Solid grey WPC decking boards are not only suitable as a hard-wearing floor coverings for the patio: they can be used in many other ways outdoors. For example, you can create a small bridge over the garden pond or, for a larger garden pond, a walkway!

WPC decking boards in grey – easy to work with

Many do-it-yourselfers appreciate the easy installation of WPC decking boards. Since they are installed outdoors, it is recommended to use only stainless steel screws.

The simple processing of WPC decking boards also makes it possible to create individually shaped terraces. Not every terrace has to be square or rectangular; alternative shapes can be created effortlessly.

The solid WPC decking boards do not need a protective coating and you can use the newly laid terrace to its full extent immediately after installation. A grey terrace made of WPC boards still looks beautiful even after years of use. Neither moisture nor direct sunlight will cause damage or discolouration. Since there are no splinters on a WPC terrace, it is particularly barefoot-friendly.