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Industrial vinyl flooring
Robust floor covering for demanding environments

High-quality vinyl floors are appreciated not only in private premises, but also in commercial and industrial settings. Floors in such areas have to meet special requirements, because the stresses and strains of everyday working life are often very high. Our industrial vinyl floors are durable and economical.

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1-36 of 518

Industrial vinyl at a glance:

  • robust and resistant
  • durable and therefore very economical
  • flexible for use in many areas
  • very high mechanical load capacity
  • easy and quick installation
  • high sound absorption
  • resistant to oil, grease and alkalis

Industrial vinyl flooring is developed to satisfy demanding requirements

Vinyl floors are frequently used in the commercial sector, thanks to their robustness and ability to withstand high to extreme loads without any problems or damage.

Vinyl flooring for industry – safe, sound-absorbing, comfortable

Industrial floors made of vinyl are also characterised by numerous other positive product properties. For example, effective sound insulation is particularly useful in the catering trade, in the medical sector and in social facilities. In addition, the flooring is easy on the joints and back, so that even after a long working day, the floor keeps you feeling OK. As the vinyl floors are non-slip, they increase safety at the workplace and so contribute to a high level of user comfort.

Industrial vinyl flooring is efficient and water-repellent

Vinyl flooring for industrial use can usually be installed quickly and efficiently so as not to disrupt ongoing operations. Floor tiles can be replaced in a flash. Vinyl flooring for industry can also withstand extreme stresses without being damaged. It is fully sealed and does not let any liquids through, which increases its durability. In addition, these vinyl floor tiles are resistant to oils, greases and many alkalis, so you can be sure that you are equipping your commercial premises with a high-quality and durable floor covering that delivers on its promises.