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Vinyl flooring in beech
classic wood reproductions

A vinyl beech reproduction floor comes very close to the real thing thanks to a universal structure embossing. This means that it not only looks like a wooden floor, but also feels like one when you walk on it.

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Vinyl flooring in beech is versatile

Floor coverings have to withstand a lot in everyday life and look the part, too. If you are looking for a robust and decorative floor for private or commercial use, you are well advised to choose vinyl flooring in beech, as it is characterised by numerous positive product features:

  • high quality vinyl flooring
  • durable and robust
  • glue-down or click installation
  • bright, natural designs
  • suitable for private and commercially used rooms

Beech-effect vinyl flooring is versatile and robust

When it comes to modern flooring, the most important thing is that it can withstand the stresses and strains of everyday life without any problem. Furniture, high heels and excitable children are just a few of the many stresses to which floors are exposed. If you purchase a beech-effect vinyl floor, you will equip your private as well as commercial rooms with a high-quality and durable floor covering. The surface of the vinyl flooring is scratch-resistant and robust, so that the panels will remain in perfect condition for a long time.

Visual enrichment for your rooms

Beech designs are very popular because the light wood reproduction creates a pleasant atmosphere and makes your rooms look cheerful and welcoming. Thanks to the natural look of the panels, these real wood-effect floors are in no way inferior: it is often impossible to tell at first glance whether your floor is vinyl or real wood. Beech vinyl flooring integrates seamlessly into modern, classic and more rustic interiors, enriching your rooms in so many ways.

Easy installation by gluing or clicking

If you would like to equip your rooms with the visually appealing and high-quality vinyl flooring in beech-effect, why not do it yourself? The panels are available either for gluing or clicking and can be conveniently installed without any prior experience. The practical click system offers you the ability to use the room immediately after laying the floor. No waiting. Installation on underfloor heating is also possible with beech-effect vinyl flooring.