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Terrawood decking
super strong – ideal for outdoor use

The high-quality decking from the Terrawood brand from planeo, is a range of robust domestic wood species such as Douglas fir and larch along with exotic tropical woods like ipé, cumaru, garapa and massaranduba. Order free samples now and we will be happy to advise you!

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Terrawood decking is extremely robust and durable

Hard tropical woods provide an excellent basis for a robust, stable, long-lasting wooden terrace. In our range you will find one of the hardest woods in the world, cumaru, with a homogeneous wood structure. Ipé, garapa and massaranduba are also part of our range and last for up to 25 years. In accordance with its natural properties, tropical wood is resistant to insects and fungal attack and is perfect for outdoor areas. The FSC-certified tropical woods from the planeo range come from sustainable forests and have a smooth surface on the top and bottom. They also require little maintenance and can be used on both sides.

An inexpensive alternative to tropical timber

An inexpensive, but less robust, alternative to hard tropical woods are decking boards made of native species such as larch and Douglas fir. Their beautiful light wood look and knotty structure have enjoyed great popularity in terrace construction for many years. They also boast a pleasant price-performance ratio and shipping is over a short distance

In our online shop, we offer you substructures to match the Terrawood wood planks. Choose from substructures made of domestic Douglas fir and Siberian larch or angelim pedra hardwood. Substructures made of angelim pedra can be used without hesitation for all tropical wood terraces. Remember that hardwood decking must not be combined with softwood substructures. For softwood terraces, we recommend substructures made of softwood or aluminium. An aluminium substructure is generally suitable for all types of wood.

Regardless of which Terrawood decking type you choose, at planeo you will find first-class quality without compromise. We guarantee high quality, fair prices and modern, state-of-the-art products. Discover them now!

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