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Pleated blinds
modern privacy & sun protection

Pleated blinds made of high-quality, translucent fabric from planeo serve as modern privacy and sun protection as well as stylish window decoration at the same time. They are also moisture-resistant, easy to use and simple to install with clamps and without drilling. Buy high-quality fixed pleated blinds from the planeo online shop!

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High-quality pleated blinds for effective privacy and sun protection.

Pleated blinds are probably one of the best ways to protect yourself from the sun. At planeo we offer competitive prices and outstanding quality.

Pleated blinds for creative and modern living at planeo

Pleated blinds have become one of the most popular kinds of sun protection and also serve as a stylish decorative element. They can be moved from above and below, which makes them very flexible, and their fabric is reassuringly tactile . Our stylish pleated blinds are translucent yet still offer reliable protection from prying eyes. In addition, you can choose from an extensive range of designs. Our blinds are easy to reduce in width and can be wiped clean simply, quickly and easily thanks to their moisture-resistant properties.

To get pleated blinds made to measure, follow the instructions for working out the right dimensions in our online shop.

As a rule, pleated blinds are made of high-quality polyester so that they are super long lasting. They help retain the heat in your home and are ideal for use in rented flats as an non-drilling alternative.

Pleated blinds in summary

Pleated blinds from planeo offer reliable sun, privacy and heat protection and are also water-repellent, which makes them easy to care for. This means that all you need to clean them is water: simply wipe them down with a wet cloth.

The excellent value, high-quality pleated blinds from planeo can be custom-made for your home.

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