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Larch parquet
with knotty wood structure

The feel-good larch parquet brings a piece of living nature into your home. The knotty structure shows off naturally light colouring and the fine grain of the larch parquet particularly. Especially small rooms with unfavourable lighting conditions benefit from the brightening effect of larch parquet. Ensure a cosy living atmosphere in your rooms with high-quality larch parquet from the planeo range!

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Larch parquet in different finishes

Shades of larch wood range from cream to reddish brown. The colouring of the wood depends on the environment the tree grew in and its age. There’s a larch parquet to suit almost every style of furnishing. The knotty structure of larch parquet is particularly impressive.

The treatment of the surface also determines the appearance of the floor. The brushed surface of the larch parquet creates a high contrast to the grain. Parquet is sealed either by oiling or varnishing. The oil used is transparent so that the natural colour of the wood is preserved. Lacquers are also available in transparent versions or with a light colour.

Larch parquet is easy to install

A modern larch parquet floor can be laid without any training! The parquet planks are equipped with a practical click system. They just need to be clicked together. Thanks to this technique, there is no need for time-consuming gluing or other fastenings to the subfloor. There should be a gap of about 10 mm from the walls to allow it to expand unhindered.

If impact sound insulation is spread on the subfloor before laying the parquet, impact noise is reduced by about 20 percent. This considerably increases living comfort. You will find suitable impact sound insulation in our range of high-quality accessories – make your choice now!

Cleaning and caring for larch parquet

The advantage of larch parquet is that it is a natural material. It doesn’t really attract dirt. In most cases, larch parquet flooring can be cleaned dry. Damp cleaning with a suitable parquet cleaner can be done if necessary.