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planeo garden lighting motion detector

Motion sensor for up to 60 Watt lamp power

    • Detection range, horizontal 90 ° and vertical 45 ° up to 5 m.
    • Adjustable switching time: 20 sec., 1 min. or 5 min.
    • Not recommended in combination with timer and / or remote control.
    • Wall mounting and earthing spike included.
    • Long life & protection against driving rain.

    Important notice:

    Connection possibility of planeo garden lights with a total load of 60Watt!

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item no. 165A

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With IP44 protection, you can be sure that this product is designed for a long life and protects against coarse dust and driving rain.

This is a 12 V unit that can either be connected directly to the transformer or connected in series, i.e. between an extension cable and the cable leading to the lights. The cable itself is not extended (the plug is male to female). The supplied 3 m cable is only used to place the sensor conveniently. Either up to 3 m from the transformer or to a connected line.

At the end of the 3 m connection cable is a double-ended plug suitable for planeo transformers and planeo extension/stretch cables. This provides the 12 V power supply for the sensor (male part of the plug) and a switched output for the lights (female part of the plug). It can be mounted on the transformer or the connected cable.

Therefore, this motion sensor for plug-and-play lighting controls the lights that follow it in a circuit that can be subjected to a maximum load of 60W. It can be installed at the beginning of a circuit (after the transformer) to control all lights or after the first light run to control subsequent lights. It is supplied with a 3 m connection cable that connects to the 12 V lighting circuit. For easy installation on any surface, the motion sensor for plug-and-play lighting also comes with a detachable ground stake with extension rod and a wall mount.

The motion sensor is used to switch on lights when it detects movement within a certain area, which in this case is already perceived from 5 metres away with a vertical (90°) and a horizontal detection angle of 45 °. Entrance areas or theft-protected zones can thus be directly illuminated. The light duration can be controlled between one and 5 minutes with the remote sensor. The light sensitivity can be fine-tuned using a built-in photocell, so you can control how dark it needs to be before the motion detector goes into operation.

This motion detector is compatible with plug-and-play low-voltage outdoor lighting. With this modular system, anyone can design and install a customised and completely safe set of outdoor lights. No electrician is required.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 sensor 12V
  • 1 F-connector (connecting piece 137A)
  • 1 M-connector (connecting piece 138A)
  • 1 YF-connector (connecting piece 173A)
  • 1 earth stake with extension
  • 1 wall bracket
  • Screw material

Please note:

This motion detector is not recommended for use in conjunction with the twilight sensor and remote control, which are also available in plug-and-play.

  • durable
  • safety & protection
  • modular & individual

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Technical Details
item no. 165A
Collection GardinoLights
EAN 5907800858778
Height in mm 125
Length in mm 65
Manufacturer planeo
Piece per package 1
Shipping group S
Type Lamp accessories
Warranty 5 Jahre
Weight 0,63 kg/Packing
Width in mm 100
Package Content 1 Pc
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Product questions

Outdoor lights

Variant: DIY-Instruction

1. preparation

Before mounting the luminaires, determine the position of the transformer and connect it. Choose the position of the transformer so that it is centrally located and allows short cable runs. Next, plan the position and type of lighting. Once you have determined the positions, the main cable is distributed and connected to the transformer. Insulate the cut edges with the caps provided. Now hide the cable. The procedure varies depending on the type of lighting.

ATTENTION: Calculate which transformer is needed. To do this, you should pay attention to the wattage of the lamp you want to use. These wattages per spot are added to the number of lamps. This results in the transformer. We recommend that you choose the next largest transformer so that more spots can be connected later.

  • Floor spotlights:

For dimmable and non-dimmable floor spots, it is important to remember that the cable must be buried if it cannot be covered with paving stones/patio slabs/patio boards.

ATTENTION: Dig the cable deep enough into the ground so that it is not damaged when scarifying/lawn mowing.

  • Wall light:

With wall lights, you can simply hide the cable in a cable duct.

  • Recessed luminaire:

Here, the cable is hidden under the substructure of the composite decking boards or in the chippings under decking slabs or paving stones.

  • Free-standing luminaire:

Depending on the location (patio or walkway lighting), the cable is hidden under the patio or in the ground.


After the cable has been hidden, you can attach separate circuits as desired. Paths and bushes can be switched separately if you interconnect a receiver with a T-connector to the main cable.


You can also integrate our motion detectors into our system to light up certain areas only when you are there.

2. attaching & connecting lighting

The further procedure for fixing the lighting also differs depending on the type of lighting.

  • Wall & floor luminaire:

Now attach the wall lights or free-standing luminaires. Use the fixing material supplied to screw the wall lights into the substrate. Mark the points with a pencil, which are then drilled. Then hammer the dowels into the pre-drilled holes. Before screwing on the luminaire, we recommend sealing the drill holes with silicone to protect against moisture penetration. Now connect the luminaires to the connector using the main cable.

  • Floor spotlight:

Once the cable is connected, prepare the spotlights. This involves placing the light bulbs in the spotlights. Dig holes so that the recessed spotlights can then be placed in the ground or subfloor. The mounted lights are now connected to the cable with a T-piece. Finally, you can bury the cable or hide it under stones.

ATTENTION: Before inserting the lamp into the ground, you can adjust the light intensity on the back of the dimmable lamp by means of a push button.

  • Recessed luminaire:

First, the first composite decking boards can be laid up to the first recessed light mark. Drill the marked areas with a hole saw and connect the recessed luminaire to the main cable using the T-connector. Check that the recessed luminaire is working properly before proceeding with the installation of the next boards.

What you will need to make it yourself


  • Transformer
  • Traction cable
  • Outdoor lighting


  • Extension cable
  • Connector
  • Dowels


  • Garden shovel
  • Cutter knife
  • Folding rule
  • Drill
  • Hammer

Difficulty level:

  • easy
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