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Wineo Organic Floor 1500 chip Springtime Orange (PLR378C)

The modern organic floor with convincing accents and textile backing

    • Withstands extreme loads.
    • Is qualified for hot water underfloor heating (up to 27°C).
    • Can be used in damp rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Thickness: 2.5mm.
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The wineo 1500 chip bio floor is not only robust, it also offers convincing accents in 24 colourful designs in muted shades of beige and grey.

  • Blue Angel
  • The floor is predominantly made from vegetable oils such as rapeseed or castor oil and naturally mineral components such as chalk.
  • Maximum performance
  • A test conducted by the FH Bielefeld proved that the floor can even be used in light industry. (The floor withstood 25,000 passes with 500 kg without any problems).
  • Areas of application
  • With the floor from the wineo Chip collection, you have a sustainable floor covering that gives your living or business spaces the perfect finishing touch.
  • Preparation
  • The subfloor must be smooth, clean, dry, undamaged, dust-free, grease-free and even. Unroll the flooring 24 hours before you start working so that the floor can take on the room temperature.
  • Full-surface bonding
  • A suitable dispersion adhesive should be used to bond the floor covering. Use a fine-toothed spatula (A2) and weld the seams with the wineo sealant.
  • made from natural materials
  • extremely hard-wearing
  • absolutely odourless
  • easy to clean & maintain
  • quiet & non-slip
  • Made in Germany

As a brand of the internationally active company Windmöller, wineo operates in over 70 countries with quality floors for a wide range of applications. Originally created through the merger of the family-owned companies Windmöller and Witex, the East Westphalian group based in Augustdorf has been operating under the Wineo name since 2013. The sustainably produced floor coverings from Wineo feature the "Made in Germany" seal of quality and provide the optimum flooring solution for private areas, public facilities and light industry. All wineo products undergo a 7-fold quality control and meet the highest standards. The 3rd generation family business is aware of its high social and ecological responsibility and has been focusing on environmentally compliant product design for years.

Technical Details
item no. W378C_conf
Manufacturer Wineo
Installation type glue
Collection PURLINE
Collection variant 1500 Chip
Length in mm 8000
Width in mm 2000
Thickness in mm 2.5
Material Bio-PU
Wear class 43 Industrial (heavy)
suitable for Bath, Kitchen, Bedroom & living room, Hallway & Corridor
Underfloor heating suitable
Warranty 30 Jahre Privat
Slip resistance R9
Piece per package 1
Shipping group M
Range of application Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Package Content 40 m²
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Wineo 1500 Roll - Technical data sheet EN
Wineo 1500 Roll - Installation instruction EN
Wineo 1500 Roll - Cleaning and care instructions EN

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Product questions

Laying guide of the PVC & CV

Variant: DIY-Instruction

1. substrate check

The first step is to check the subfloor. Sand down any unevenness and fill it with a floor levelling compound. Then clean the surface to be laid with a hoover.

CAUTION: Never install PVC flooring over a soft subfloor, e.g. over carpet or any type of foam underlay.

2. before installation

PVC flooring should be stored in the room where it is to be installed for at least 24 hours before the installation. This will allow the material to acclimatise to the room temperature and not "work" so hard after the installation.

For loose laying of an area larger than 20 m², we recommend taping the edge of the walls.

Before laying, it is imperative to follow the official laying instructions, which are included in every package, otherwise any claim to warranty and guarantee will be void!

3. cutting to size

Tip: To achieve as uniform a floor appearance as possible, lay the strips in relation to each other so that the patterns match exactly and the strips overlap at the seam. Unpack the roll and roll it out on the subfloor. Use a hooked blade knife to roughly pre-cut the strips.

ATTENTION: There must always be a gap of approx. 3 cm between the flooring and the wall and between the flooring and all fixed components.

4. laying instructions

4.1 Loose laying

Stick the tape strips to all edge areas and remove the foil on the back of the tapes area by area. Now fix the floor by pressing lightly. Make a double cut at the joint of the strip. To do this, lay the sheet overlapping and cut the sheet to fit exactly along the joint. You can then make the final cut with an edge distance of approx. 2 mm. The floor should be free of tension when cutting and no objects should lie on the PVC floor.

4.2 Gluing

Apply the adhesive evenly to the subfloor in strips using a notched trowel. Please observe the flash-off times specified in the data sheet. Now lay the strips in the wet bed and rub down the PVC covering. Make the final cut with an edge distance of approx. 2 mm. Finally, the substrate can be rolled with a roller to avoid air bubbles.

5. finishing loose laying

First, tape over the joints of the strips with masking tape. The masking tape can then be cut at the joint and now the strips are welded together with a cold welding adhesive. After approx. 1 hour, the masking tape can be removed.

6. attaching the skirting boards

Finally, you can attach and seal the skirting boards. PVC flooring can also be attached to existing skirtings with a mounting adhesive.

What you will need to make it yourself


  • PVC floor
  • Adhesive (glue type)


  • Hook blade knife
  • Tape
  • masking tape
  • Spacer


  • Baseboards
  • PVC cold welding paste type T

Working time:

  • for a room size of 15-20 m² approx. 2-3 hours

Level of difficulty:

  • easy
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