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Laminate up to 8 mm
abrasion and UV resistant

Laminate flooring with a thickness of up to 8 mm is the right flooring for demanding situations. The robust material can easily withstand the rigours of everyday life. Designs include natural effects such as wood and stone.

1-36 of 284

1-36 of 284

Laminate up to 8mm thick – high quality and robust

Depending on the design of the laminate flooring and all other thicknesses, the usage or stress class is determined and thus provides you with information about the most important properties of the wear layer of the laminate flooring.

The different usage classes have the following meaning:

  • 21 = suitable for low use such as in bedrooms and guest rooms
  • 22 = suitable for medium use such as in the dining and living room
  • 23 = suitable for heavy use such as in the kitchen, staircase and entrance area
  • 31 = suitable for low use in commercial areas such as hotels, offices and conference rooms
  • 32 = suitable for medium use in larger offices, waiting rooms and shops
  • 33 = suitable for heavy use in halls, schools and department stores

In addition to the usage class, the thickness of a laminate floor also provides important information about its durability and resilience. As a basic principle, the thicker a laminate floor is, the less strain it places on the click system. For heavily used rooms, you should make sure that the laminate flooring has a thickness of at least 7.5 mm. The weight also changes with the thickness.