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Laminate with use classes 23 and 32
for the private and commercial sector

Laminate is versatile and can be used in private and commercial areas. There are corresponding use classes (NK) depending on the different demands that are placed on the flooring. Not all surfaces in a home or in a commercially used room are subjected to the same amount of wear and tear. Hallways, corridors, living rooms and children's rooms are subject to heavier use than the bedroom. In a small office, on the other hand, less use is to be expected than in the lobby of a hotel.

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1-36 of 403

Laminate with use classes 23 and 32 – the extremely robust all-rounder.

Laminate flooring with use classes 23 and 32 from planeo is designed for heavily used surfaces in private rooms and for moderately used surfaces in commercial rooms. You should therefore choose the right laminate according to the wear and tear on the surface. The usage class is binding for manufacturers throughout Europe and must always be stated with the product properties of the laminate. It is based on the DIN EN 685 standard and consists of the abbreviation NK and a two-digit number. The word "use class" is often written out in full.

  • Laminate use class 32
  • Laminate abrasion class 23
  • Laminate NK 23
  • Laminate wear class 32
  • Laminate NK 32
  • Laminate BK 32

This system of indication makes it easy to compare the quality of laminate across Europe. The two numbers illustrate the differences. The first digit stands for the area:

  • 2 = private home
  • 3 = commercial area

Laminate flooring with use class 23 is therefore intended for use in private areas and laminate flooring with use class 32 is intended for use in commercial areas. There is also class 4, which is produced for industrial use.

The second digit documents the durability of the laminate or the wear layer. As a basic principle, the more and more often people walk across the floor, the more robust the laminate must be. The second digit has the following meaning:

  • 1 = low load
  • 2 = normal load
  • 3 = heavy load

Laminate flooring with a load class of 23 therefore means that it is a floor covering for private use that is designed for heavy loads, such as in the hallway. Laminate 32, on the other hand, is intended for commercial areas with normal loads.

Laminate with use class 23/32 accordingly combines the requirements of the private area with laminate class 23 and the commercial area according to laminate abrasion class 32. You will find a large selection of laminate 23/32 in a variety of designs at planeo.