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planeo Fassado - WPC rhombus strip façade cladding amber brown

Robust façade profile with natural wood grain

      Versatile rhombus strip made of WPC material:
    • Easy care & environmentally friendly
    • No lacquers/glazes and oils required
    • Durable, weather-resistant and extremely low-maintenance
    • Energy efficient: ventilated façade
    • Flexible & simple installation
    • Horizontal or vertical installation possible
    • Sustainable & recyclable from 70% wood content
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item no. F18_bern_conf

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The planeo Fassado rhombus strip gives your façade first-class weather protection, durability and a natural and individual look thanks to its solid quality wood composite material.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Thanks to the WPC material, the profiles are very easy to maintain. You can completely dispense with varnish, glazes or oils.

  • Ventilated system
  • Because the façade profiles are hung in front of a substructure, a rear-ventilated system for water vapour dissipation is created.

  • Installation
  • The façade trim can be mounted vertically or horizontally. To finish off the corners, you can mitre the façade profiles or use the stainless steel façade corner. It is easy to install and forms a secure transition to the skirting board.

Your staple requirement:

  • Initial staple: 2-3 pieces per linear metre
  • flexible & easy assembly
  • durable & weatherproof
  • easy to clean & environmentally friendly
  • extremely low maintenance & energy efficient
  • sustainable & recyclable

planeo is the brand for professional solutions with tested quality. In our extensive range, you will find first-class products for home and garden, from floors to wall coverings to decking: we offer you suitable items with a top price-performance ratio for almost every requirement and budget. We also have product lines such as carpets, wall paints, wallpapers and doors. The range of attractive offers for walls, floors and patios is rounded out by high-quality accessories and effective cleaning and maintenance products. Meanwhile, planeo's services go beyond the trade in floor coverings. We put great emphasis on the idea of service in everything we do. We deal with the topics of material, handling and realisation in such detail that we can provide you with an adequate solution for many different situations on the building site. To make things more clear, you can find useful tips and instructions in our guides with articles and videos. Beautiful flooring and more? Realise easily with planeo.

Technical Details
item no. F18_bern_conf
Manufacturer planeo
suitable for Wall, Gable, Base
Look Wood effect
Width in mm 70
Thickness in mm 17
Material WPC / BPC
Piece per package 1
Shipping group XL
Construction Rhombus bar
Laying direction horizontal, perpendicular
Surface strukturiert
Package Content 4 rm
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planeo Fassado Rhombusleiste - Montageanleitung
planeo Fassado - Prospekt

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Product questions

Installation guide of the facade

Variant: DIY-Instruction

1. substrate preparation

In order for the facade to have the desired longevity, it is essential that the substrate is load-bearing. The building can also be insulated before the facades are applied.

ATTENTION: Please maintain at least 30 cm ground clearance for splash water protection on wooden buildings.

Before installation, it is imperative that the official installation instructions, which are included in every package, are followed, otherwise all warranty and guarantee claims will be void!

2. attaching the substructure

Before attaching the substructure, first, make markings to determine the positions of the battens and then mount them. Also, plan corner or end profiles at the corners and dowel the profiles to the masonry. To ensure that the facade is also well ventilated, drill ventilation holes in the battens. The battens are now placed at a maximum distance of 65 cm from each other. Also plan for board joints and edge distances and double-fix the substructure at the joints.

Tip: You can attach grids to the gable and base to protect them from small animals.

3. attach the façade cladding

Mark all the positions of the Starclips with the help of a chalk line and place the Startclips in a well aligned position. Stick the Compriband onto the end profiles and screw the profiles to the corners of the building. Small animal grids can also be attached to the base termination as protection. Now the facade cladding can be attached. With the help of a rubber mallet, you can fix the next rows to the already mounted facade.

ATTENTION: Please note that edge distances of approx. 10 mm should be observed.

What you will need to make it yourself


  • Exterior cladding


  • Spirit level
  • Striking cord
  • Crosscut saw
  • Battens
  • Folding rule
  • Pencil
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Starting clips
  • Spacer


  • Small animal protection sleds
  • Waterline laser
  • Hammer
  • Straightedge
  • Edge trim profiles
  • Facade edging profiles
Helpful Videos

Exterior cladding - Cladding house facade with WPC

External wall cladding with WPC facade elements

Cladding the facade with WPC facade panels

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