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TerraWood Wood Decking European Larch A/B 27 x 145mm - smooth on both sides

Weather-resistant decking wood with a light knotty wood structure

    • More durable and higher quality than other softwoods.
    • Stable, weather-resistant and good value for money.

      Important information
    • Durability class: 2-3 (moderately durable)
    • Grading: us-planed
    • Wood moisture: technically dried to approx. 14-16%.
    • Tolerance: thickness approx. +/- 1 mm | width approx. +/- 2 mm

    Please have a member of our staff check the daily stock before ordering. The delivery time can be approx. 4 - 7 weeks!

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item no. M-501120_conf

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European larch is available untreated as a decking board. You can select them as smooth on both sides and grooved and grooved on one side in the shop.

  • Low-priced alternative
  • Due to its positive properties, European larch is excellently suited for terrace construction and represents a low-priced alternative to Siberian larch or tropical woods.
  • Properties
  • European larch is stable, weather-resistant and inexpensive. It does little work and the natural ingredients ensure that the plank remains resistant and durable even when weathered.

    • Depending on the care, larch wood can turn very grey over the years.
    • Larch as decking wood is weather-resistant, stable and has a good price-performance ratio.
    • Wood is a natural building material. Natural colour differences, slight cupping, cross curvatures and twisting may occur. This is no reason for complaint. This does not affect the durability and strength of the product.
    • Price-performance
    • weatherproof
    • works little

    With TerraWood terrace wood, you will get high-quality products which have been tested continuously. You will find selected woods from sustainable forestry at planeo, which are characterised by their stability and a balanced price-performance ratio. One can choose from domestic woods such as larch and Douglas fir as an inexpensive alternative to tropical woods. Alternatively, you can choose woods that are tougher and more robust, such as Cumaru, Garapa, Massanranduba, or Ipe, whose strength is exceptional. Rely on the first-class quality without compromise of the TerraWood woods from the planeo range - we will be happy to advise you!

    Technical Details
    item no. M-501120_conf
    Manufacturer TerraWood
    Width in mm 145
    Thickness in mm 27
    Top / bottom double-sided smooth
    Material Wood
    Look Wood effect
    Special features Reversible
    Piece per package 1
    Profiles Solid plank
    Shipping group XL
    Type Clip system
    Wood type Larch
    Package Content 3 rm
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    Product questions

    Laying guide for the wooden terrace

    Variant: DIY-Instruction

    1. subsoil preparation

    Roughly spread the chippings on the compacted gravel with a wheelbarrow and a shovel. Level the surface with a spirit level on two long metal rods embedded in the chippings. Check the required construction height and the slope with at least two taut cords. Start in one corner and work down the entire surface in rows.

    2. spread the weed mat

    First roll out a sheet of weed mat, starting from the outer edge. Then lay out the lawn edging stones on the weed fleece at a distance of 35 cm from each other.

    Tip: A homemade template can serve as a spacer and make it easier to lay the subsequent lawn edging stones on the fleece.

    3. attach the substructure

    Lay out the terrace pads under the substructure and fix the substructure to the lawn edging stones by pre-drilling and then screwing.

    ATTENTION: The distance between the inner edges of the substructures should not exceed 35 cm.

    4. install lighting

    If you want lighting, plan the positioning and number of lights. Lay the main cable under the substructure and install the recessed spotlights in the second floorboard. Check the function of the lamps immediately after installation.

    5. lay the planks

    The planks should lie crosswise to the substructure. Pre-drill the screw holes on the first planks and attach the clips of the plank side facing the wall crosswise to the substructure to the back of the plank. Then fix the planks to the substructure, keeping a distance of approx. 2 cm to the wall. The opposite clips are fixed to the plank in a protruding position (integrated mounting stop on the clip). The installation of the clip on the plank is facilitated by an integrated installation stop and this enables easy positioning. The clips of the planks in the next rows are also screwed in a protruding position. In the next step, the patio recessed spots for the lighting can be attached at the desired location. Finally, cut the edge joints of the planks, this way we get a straight joint.

    What you will need to make it yourself


    • Wooden composite decking boards
    • Substructure
    • UK connector
    • Assembly clips
    • Decking pads
    • EPDM tape
    • Stainless steel screws


    • Weed fleece
    • LED lights
    • Kerbstones
    • Gravel
    • Paving chippings
    • Concrete slabs
    • Dowels


    • Cordless screwdriver
    • Spirit level
    • Folding rule
    • Chop saw
    • Tacks / iron rods
    • Hearing protection & safety goggles
    • Protective gloves


    • Impact drill
    • Spade
    • Wheelbarrow
    • Shovel
    • Mason's cord

    working time:

    • up to 50h per 20m² terrace area

    Difficulty level:

    • Medium
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