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planeo BPC oak grove - solid plank carbon oak wood structure

Authentic and non-slip plank with a textured surface and pleasant feel

    • Made of sturdy and sustainable bamboo plastic mix.
    • Environmentally friendly and almost 100% recyclable.
    • Quick and easy to assemble.
    • Particularly barefoot-friendly, no risk of splintering or slipping.
    • Resistant to weathering, fungal and insect attack.
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item no. SEM-C02-conf

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Authentic surface
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The planeo BPC decking boards made of innovative bamboo plastic mix convince by combining robust and durable properties with a modern and structured wood look, which are perfect for your terrace or balcony.

  • BPC stands for Bamboo Plastic Composite.
  • These are intelligent composite materials that are composed of up to 60% bamboo components. Recycled plastics and other additives make up another 40 percent.

  • robust and dimensionally stable
  • BPC planks bring with them the advantages of a high-quality bamboo plastic composite material, such as dimensional stability and high resistance to moisture.

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • The aspect of environmental friendliness speaks for the material BPC. The use of bamboo as a rapidly renewable natural raw material means that other raw materials and the logging of tropical timber can be dispensed with. In addition, the material is almost 100% recyclable and thus sustainable.

  • Very barefoot friendly & easy to maintain
  • A BPC deck is crack- and splinter-free and, due to the structured surface, slip-resistant and therefore very barefoot-friendly. In addition, the planks are easy to clean - water and a soft brush are usually enough.

  • Weatherproof and durable
The elegant planks are weatherproof and, unlike wooden floorboards, are characterised by their resistance to insects, fungi and moss.

  • quick assembly
  • splinter-free
  • anti-slip
  • environmentally friendly & recyclable
  • weatherproof
  • low maintenance

planeo is the brand for professional solutions with tested quality. In our extensive range, you will find first-class products for home and garden, from floors to wall coverings to decking: we offer you suitable items with a top price-performance ratio for almost every requirement and budget. We also have product lines such as carpets, wall paints, wallpapers and doors. The range of attractive offers for walls, floors and patios is rounded out by high-quality accessories and effective cleaning and maintenance products. Meanwhile, planeo's services go beyond the trade in floor coverings.

We put great emphasis on the idea of service in everything we do. We deal with the topics of material, handling and realisation in such detail that we can provide you with an adequate solution for many different situations on the building site. To make things more clear, you can find useful tips and instructions in our guides with articles and videos. Beautiful flooring and more? Realise easily with planeo.

Technical Details
item no. SEM-C02-conf
Manufacturer planeo
Width in mm 140
Thickness in mm 20
Top / bottom strukturiert/gebürstet
Material WPC / BPC
Look Wood effect
Special features Reversible
Piece per package 2
Profiles Solid plank
Shipping group XL
Type Clip system
suitable for Terrace, Balcony
Package Content 8 rm
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planeo Elegant BPC - Pro 3D Terrassendiele - Datenblatt
planeo Elegant BPC - Pro 3D Terrassendiele - Verlegeanleitung

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Product questions

Installation guide for the WPC & BPC composite decking boards

Variant: DIY-Instruction

1. determine the installation height

First, determine the total construction height of the WPC composite decking boards to be installed. The terrace construction consists of the substructure (chippings, weed fleece, lawn edges) and the terrace construction (terrace pad, substructure, WPC plank). Check whether existing edges of the old terrace can be used for the necessary height. Tighten cords to be able to measure the heights. Also take into account the slope of 2% away from the house.

2. subfloor preparation

Spread chippings on the compacted gravel roughly with a wheelbarrow and shovel. Level the surface with a spirit level on two long metal rods embedded in the chippings. Check the required construction height and slope with at least two taut strings. Start in one corner and work the entire surface in rows.

3. lay out weed fleece

First roll out a sheet of weed mat starting from the outer edge. Lay the curbs on the weed fleece with a distance of 2 cm to the edge of the patio. Then lay the lawn edges on top. Please note that the distance between the lawn edges should be approx. 30-40 cm.

Tip: A homemade template can serve as a spacer and make it easier to lay the subsequent lawn edges on the fleece.

4. laying the substructure

Before laying the substructure, it is imperative to follow the official laying instructions that are included in every package, otherwise any claim under warranty and guarantee will be invalidated!

The WPC substructure requires 2 cm edge distance in all directions. The parallel distances of the substructure should be between 30-40 cm. Mark the exact positions with a chalk line. Lay out the substructure on the composite decking pads and make sure that the substructures are not laid butt to butt, but at least 2 cm apart. All ends in the outdoor area and each end of a substructure should now be doweled. The joints of the substructures are fixed with small section bridges. Reinforce the planned joints of the WPC composite decking boards with additional substructures so that the ends do not hang more than 5 cm freely in the air. Now stick the supplied spacer tape onto each substructure.

5. assemble the terrace lighting

Mark all the planned lamp positions before you start laying the boards. Unroll the 12V cabling completely along the markings. Leave the cable ends freely accessible and cover unused cable ends with caps. Then install the lamps completely and at the same time as laying the floorboards. To do this, drill the appropriate holes and bring the connectors into contact with the laid-out cable. Finally, clamp the cable to the transformer and position it in the floor tank or near a socket. Use a safebox if the socket is in the ground.

Tip: Check the function of the lamps immediately after the installation.

6. laying the decking boards

Screw the starting clips onto each substructure with a distance of 2 cm to the wall. Lay the composite decking boards against them and shorten them if necessary. Then position the centre clip, pre-drill and fix the composite decking boards to each substructure with the stainless steel screws provided. Refer to the installation guide for the correct spacing at the head joints. Cut the last row of WPC boards lengthwise with a circular saw. Finally, pre-drill the plank and fix it with a screw.

What you will need to make it yourself


  • WPC composite decking boards
  • Substructure terrace
  • Assembly clips
  • Decking pads
  • EPDM tape
  • Stainless steel screws


  • Weed fleece
  • Finishing strips
  • LED lights
  • Curbstones
  • Garden and landscaping concrete
  • Crushed stone/ frost protection material
  • Paving chippings
  • Concrete slabs
  • Dowels
  • Drainage channel


  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Spirit level
  • Folding rule
  • Chop saw
  • Tacks / iron rods
  • Hearing protection & safety goggles
  • Protective gloves


  • Impact drill
  • Angle grinder
  • masking tape
  • Mortar bucket
  • Spade
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Aluminium straightedge / puller rods
  • Agitator
  • Mason's cord
  • Vibrating plate
  • Sledgehammer

Working time:

  • up to 50h per 20 m² terrace area

Difficulty level:

  • Medium

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