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3-piece hinge V4400 WF nickel-plated

Required for doors with standard 3-part hinge

    • For doors with 3-part hinge, this hinge must be attached to the frame.
    • Simply unscrew the pre-assembled hinge and attach hinge V4400.
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item no. E000751

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Technical Details
item no. E000751
EAN 4062212057360
Hinge 3-teilig (Robust)
Manufacturer planeo
Piece per package 1
Shipping group XS
Weight 0,50 kg/Packing
Package Content 1 Pc

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Product questions

Door assembly instructions

Variant: DIY instructions

1. Measure the door

The first step is to acquire accurate measurements in order to order the correct door. Check the wall's level using a spirit level. Begin by determining the height from the floor. Then, in the finished state (with plaster and covering), measure the wall thickness at three points: top, middle, and bottom. Apply the same logic to the other side. Finally, the width of the door is measured at all three places. Determine the door hinge once the measurements have been determined and noted.

ATTENTION: If the floor has not yet been constructed, add the construction height of the floor to the measurement to ensure that the door is the correct height. When measuring the breadth, the width of the tiles on the wall is also considered.

2. Acclimatisation & preparation

The door and all other components should be stored horizontally in the packs in the room where they will be assembled for at least 48 hours before assembly. This allows the material to adjust to ambient temperature and reduces the amount of "labour" required after installing. Before processing, arrange the components. Open the packages carefully so that the cutter knife does not damage the door/frame.

Before laying, the official assembly instructions provided in each item must be followed, or any warranty and guarantee claims will be null and invalid!

3. Mount the frame

To assemble the frame together, first glue and screw the various pieces together. Connect the two frame components by placing the wooden plates into the joints after applying adhesive to the mitred surfaces of the longitudinal and transverse linings. Insert the connector into the hole in the frame and tighten it with a screwdriver. Metal clips are then used to secure the elements. A wet cloth can be used to remove excess glue. This is then done on the opposite side. The structure is then installed around 3 mm above the floor to protect it from moisture (e.g. cleaning water). As soon as it is in position, use a frame clamp to align it and foam it using 2-component foam. The clamps can be removed after curing. The ornamental cladding is now fixed and in place.

Tip: As an alternative to the clamps, you can also work with wedges and wooden slats.

4. Hang the door

You can hang the door after installing the frame and ornamental panel and inserting the hinges. Install the hinges. Remove the door's storage feet and hang it on the hinges provided.

5. Mount handles

The door handles are finally installed. Drill holes for the door handles using the provided drilling pattern. On both sides, drill a rough fray. The fittings are then carefully inserted and assembled. Finally, insert the plunger and install the ornamental panel.

To make your own, you will need this


  • Door
  • Frame
  • Hinge V4400 (for doors with 3-part hinge)
  • Handle set
  • Glue
  • 2-component assembly foam


  • Door clamp
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Hex key
  • Spirit level
  • Screwdriver
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