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Click vinyl in herringbone installation look
easy to install click vinyl with exceptional herringbone pattern

Click vinyl in an expressive herringbone look impresses with its elegance, natural realistic design and is also particularly easy to install. Equipped with a sophisticated click mechanism, click vinyl with herringbone pattern is a visually appealing, practical alternative to real wood flooring such as parquet, manufactured to high quality standards. In addition, it proves to be dimensionally stable, easy to clean, warm underfoot, renovation-friendly, and healthy for the home.

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Click vinyl in herringbone look: the elegant, practical alternative to real wood floors

Do you like the look of herringbone floors but are hesitant to install them because they are too tedious and too expensive? Then you should consider click vinyl in herringbone look. This flooring offers all the beauty and elegance of real wood floors, but is much easier to install. Herringbone click vinyl is manufactured to high quality standards, making it a long-lasting and durable choice for your home.

Herringbone floors are unique. The unusual patterns immediately catch everyone's eye, but remain calm enough not to be overbearing. Herringbone patterns work particularly well in rooms with natural and rustic furnishings. Because of the depth of the pattern, it can also be used to great effect in smaller rooms, making them look larger. You can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with natural and rustic furniture that is unmatched when you combine your click vinyl floor in herringbone look with it.

Click vinyl in herringbone look - functional, durable and easy to clean

When choosing the right floor covering, the importance of functionality cannot be overstated. Because only then can you use the flooring as comfortably as possible. The highly resistant click vinyl in herringbone look is scratch-resistant and flexible, so the panels impress with extreme durability. Herringbone vinyl flooring is easy to maintain, so you don't have to waste time on time-consuming maintenance and upkeep. Click vinyl in herringbone look can also be installed over underfloor heating or impact sound insulation.

All the advantages of click vinyl in herringbone look at a glance:

  • Inexpensive alternative to real wood floors
  • Robust, resistant and easy to clean
  • Ideal for a rustic and homely atmosphere
  • The beautiful design adds a special touch to any room
  • Warm underfoot, easy on the joints and sound-absorbing
  • Easy and quick to install yourself without a craftsman

Laying click vinyl in herringbone look yourself

You don't need any previous knowledge or professional help from craftsmen to install herringbone-style click vinyl. Rigid click vinyl with mineral core board from our range can even be installed on old floor coverings such as carpet, PVC, linoleum, or hardwood floors. The joints do not push through!

You can start the installation at one end of the room or work your way out from the middle. The latter offers more options for the installation. With the help of a rubber mallet, you can easily lock the face of the click vinyl planks in herringbone look with gentle blows. Another advantage is that the room can be walked on immediately: unlike gluing, the floor can be walked on and fully used immediately after installation. Click vinyl in herringbone look can also be removed easily and without leaving any residue. With click vinyl in herringbone look from planeo, you can decorate both private and business rooms stylishly and cost-effectively.

Buy click vinyl in herringbone look online

In our planeo online shop, you can buy beautiful click vinyl in herringbone design in various decors and styles at optimum prices. Benefit from our comprehensive service: free samples, 3 months free storage and expert advice until 10.00 pm. If you have any questions about click vinyl in herringbone design, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you.